Has phono stage. 2 chassis containing raw power supply.
4 x dedicated Ht voltage regulators one for each tube. Regulated heater supply, standby transformer supplying heaters while unit is switched off. Audio chassis containing hard wired components point to point. 26 way true stepped ladder attenuators, onboard MC transformers. Rec/Source switch for tape buffer, Audio resistors wire wound non-inductive. Automute facility.
All aluminium chassis, available with black chrome fascia with gold chemiprint legend or polished silver fascia with rose gold chemiprint legend.

120W Ultra Linear/40W Triode. Adjustable feedback 0 - 14dB via a multiturn pot for correct damping match for speakers used.
4 and 8 ohm taps. Tube complement per monoblock 2 matched pairs: 2 x KT90/6550A/KT88 and 2 x 6SN7GT.
All aluminium chassis made from extruded 6mm plates.
Weight 27Kg.

One chassis utilising four tubes run in parallel. HT/LT fully regulated, dual gang stepped ladder gain control, defeatable balance control, non-inductive wire wounds used in audio Section.
Available in same finishes as Reference.

Our new entry level line stage, utilising 2 tubes, fully regulated, Panasonic/Noble potentiometers, without phono stage.

Our latest product eliminates noise polution from electrical interferance and earth loops.

pre amplifier * mono power amplifier * fantasy * atom * conductor


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