If you must have the best, then you owe it to yourself to audition the Matisse Reference Preamplifier. Over 4 years research has gone into making this a truly natural sounding component, easily standing comparison with the finest established standards. The technical specifications are of course superb, but what really counts is the music.

Our no-compromise approach simply lifts the barriers between you and the performance. Any of our highly select, professional dealers will welcome the opportunity to demonstrate Matisse with some of your favourite recordings, either in their studio, or in your home.

Matisse was set up to manufacture state-of-the-art audio products, with not only excellence in music reproduction, but also high reliability, attractive design and high quality finish. Matisse products are designed for long-term enjoyment and pride of ownership.

The Reference Preamplifier is the first of a series of no-compromise products. A matching Reference power amplifier is at an advanced stage of development, with other products to follow.


The Matisse Reference Preamplifier is the culmination of over 4 years research, not only into circuit design, but also into component quality.

The circuit uses 4 valves (tubes), each separately regulated by a matching external power supply. Moving coil inputs are catered for by a custom designed MC transformer. All aspects of the design have been maximised for sound quality, and the preamplifier uses the finest available components, from fully sw~tched attenuator volume controls to custom non-inductive wirewound resistors. Even the internal wiring is made exclusively to Matisse specifications.

The whole design has intrinsic reliability and longevity, ensured by outstanding build quality and inherently simple design. A stand-by mode extends tube life, and tubes are included in the 2-year guarantee.

Inputs are available for MM and MC, CD, Tuner, Video, Aux and Tape.


Stage Gain: 30dB (1 00mV in = 3V out)

Distortion: -70dB ref 3V @ 1 KHz (0.03%)

Signal-to-Noise: 92 dB (ref 4V A weighted)

Maximum Output: 200V peak to peak @ 1 MOhm

Frequency Response: 12Hz -100Khz +- 0.2dB Channel Balance: 0.03dB

Input Impedance: 100 KOhm nominal

Output Impedance: 4 KOhm nominal


MM Gain: 58dB

MM Impedance: 47 KOhm

MC Gain: 74dB

MM Impedance: 2S0 Ohm

MC/MM selected by internal switch

Signal to Noise: 75dB (A weighted)

Crosstalk: -74 dB ref 0.5mV input ~ 1~z

Overload: 200 mV ref 1% distortion


You will typically need a high quality power amplifier with adequate dynamic headroom. 50 W per channel is the minimum likely to produce satisfactory results. The input impedance of the power amplifier should exceed 10 K Ohms, and higher impedance is preferable if you wish to use long cable runs.

The Matisse preamplifier will give you many years of musical pleasure. We believe that it represents a major step towards the ultimate goal, creating the illusion of live music.

"I never heard such a sound image in my life . . . the Matisse is allowed as far as I'm concerned to call itself Reference. I never heard a better pre-amplifier in my whole life !"

Peter van Wi1lenswaard in HiFi Video Test (HVT) Holland.

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