Iron out the noise

The original purpose for designing the Conductor was to provide isolated grounds for HiFi equipment. Isolated grounding systems are important because conventional earth from the wall outlet is very heavily contaminated by interference generated by electrical appliances. A looping effect may also occur when all equipment in a system are sharing the same earth.

The Conductor is a passive unit with a circuit that functions to greatly reduce the interference from ultra high frequency noise generated from all digital equipment (i.e.CD players, CD Transport, D/A Converters etc.)

The Conductor will even benefit analogue equipment that is usually played through a system with digital equipment connected, continuously generating ultra high frequency noise measurable by a scope. Other daily digital equipment such as FAX machines can also affect the system.

The Conductor first rectifies the interference, and acts as a clean ground for the whole system, and can be connected to the chassis of any equipment in a system. However, conventional earth from wall outlets provide protection against faulty equipment and so the Conductor is not a replacement for this safety measure.

Finally the Conductor must be thoroughly broken in before proper evaluation can take place.

The Conductor was designed by Matisse and based on research of an American physicist working for the U.S. Military.

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