Since their introduction, Matisse valve driven audio products have attracted unprecedented reviews. Here are a few samples:

"Without question this is one of the most beautifully constructed units I've ever examined. You will notice immediately a degree of authority in the sound which is the hallmark of the best high-end imports. This authority manifests itself in many ways, but the most noticeable clues are the near perfect consistency throughout the frequency spectrum, a ghostly, almost solid-state lack of background noise and quite exceptional precision in the areas of image placement and transient decay/recovery. While these details are far from being the whole story, they constitute some of the details which separate the merely good from the truly excellent . . . The Matisse is one of the most beautifully constructed pieces I have ever sampled . . ."

Ken Kessler in HiFi News

"First impressions were of a highly musical performance with a seamless sound quality extending from the upper bass to the highest treble. Focus was generally very good, verging on the excellent via the disc input... The treble was outstanding for its clarity and natural airy sparkle . . . By any standard this is a good preamplifier, characterised by a professional level of design, build and finish. It would be easy to service and promises a long trouble-free working life."

Martin Colloms in HiFi News

"It is sonically excellent yet aesthetically very pleasing in its metallic blue or black finish. It certainly has ~ very high build quality and an ability to provide a long life span . . ."

Trevor Butler in conversation with Vital in Systems HiFi News

"The star rating should definitely go to . . . The British newcomer the Matisse, that defies your belief that it's record playing and not for real."

Dan Houston in HiFi Choice Aspirations

"I must admit that its performance was easily of world class. It has construction to rank with some of the finest components I have ever examined. Twisting the knobs reveals a feel of precision which reinforces the luxury pricing. Taking the lid off the preamp or its separate power supply is like a glimpse into something beyond hifi."

Ken Kessler in Stereophile

"I never heard such a sound image in my life . . . the Matisse is allowed as far as I'm concerned to call itself Reference. I never heard a better pre-amplifier in my whole life !"

Peter van Wi1lenswaard in HiFi Video Test (HVT) Holland.

"The pleasure of owning a pair of these amplifiers must be much like the pleasure of having a Ferrari in your garage. It's fine tuning the whole system until it purrs, putting that 100-octane recording on the turntable, feeling that instant, effortless acceleration."

Myles Aston in Extreme Audio

"Once experienced, the Conductor is difficult to live without. The enhanced clarity, transparency and resolution axe highly addictive. I made a few adjustments elsewhere to sweeten up the sound, thereby getting the very best of both worlds."

Jimmy Hughes in Hifi Choice June 1999

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