The Matisse MonoBlock Amplifier is a culmination of 3 years of design and research into the final amplification stage partner for the Reference and Fantasy preamplifiers.

It is truly an amplifier for all reasons, operating in ultra linear mode giving 170 watts and in Triode mode 40 watts. The conversion from one mode to another made simply with the insertion of two insulated gold plated links. This can only be done with the units switched off preventing any accidental switch from one mode to another while units are in use.

Each component has been meticulously chosen with several parameters in mind. Just as drive units in speakers must be placed to blend cohesively providing a seamless sound stage across the bandwidth, so must components be. To this end, resistors are non-inductive wire wounds that maintain their value without drift exhibit without inherent thermal noise characteristics. They impart in a superior way the sonic qualities of the vastly inferior carbon composition type. The capacitors are pulse application types bypassed with polystyrene foil, and in conjunction with the other components in the signal path provide a wide bandwidth natural acoustic with exceptional spatial information.

On the power/filter supply there is 1400uf of computer grade electrolytics also bypassed on one side of the regulator circuit and 120uf of metallized polypropylene on the other. Solid core wiring is preferred in all Matisse products, diameter depending on application with PTFE sleeving.

The circuit design was developed by Edward Fitzgerald over a long gestation period. It is made up of two matched pairs of 6550B output tubes driven by two 6SN7GT input tubes. Biasing is achieved simply by front panel adjustment using a recessed trimmer coupled to a 3mm flat top bi-colour LED. Output taps are for 4,8 Ohms. Provision is made to allow variable agrees of feedback for optimum speaker damping alignment.

The Matisse output transformer is custom built for wide bandwidth and efficient transfer of energy to loudspeaker. Transformer casings are milled from solid aluminium, providing an excellent appearance and also a non-magnetic shroud that literally opens up the sound. The output and mains transformers are correctly aligned with respect to each other to reduce magnetic radiation, and are mounted on an all aluminium chassis comprising of 6mm thick extrusions, brightly polished and anodised.

Two finishes are available: polished silver with Rose Gold legend and printing, or Chrome Black with natural gold.


Output Power in Ultralinear mode: 100W into 4 or 80hm

Output Power in Triode mode: 40W into 4 or 80hm

Bandwidth: 4Hz - 40KHz

Sensitivity: 71OmV FMS for full output

Impedance In: 1OOKOhm nominal

Noise: -86dB DINA

Consumption: 130W quiescent, 230W full power Weight: 30Kg each

Size: 20" x 13" x 8"

Voltage: Selectable 120/220/240

Fuse: 3.1 5A (240V)

The Matisse Reference Monoblocks have been designed to give you many years of trouble-free operation and are supported by a fulI parts and labour UK warranty for 24 months from purchase. In the unlikely event of your experiencing any problem, please refer the unit to your authorised Matisse Dealer. We suggest that the tube complement should be replaced after 24 months maximum. A full set of tubes can be obtained from your dealer.

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Made in England * Copyright MATISSE 1998 Designed by Chris Paulsen